The Hardest Bridge To Cross

The hardest part of owning a pet is realizing how short their time with us really is.  One day they’re a goofy, energetic puppy and suddenly they’re having a tough time getting up or enjoying their favorite things in life.  And when those days come we often get asked by...Read more

Show Us Your Pearly Whites

Have you ever skipped your dentist visit (or several) because you dread being told about a cavity, or root canal, or that you have gingivitis?  Have you ever had to have a periodontal cleaning (trust me, this isn’t your regular cleaning)?  Well now imagine not only skipping those dental cleanings...Read more

The ABCDs of CBDs

Cannabinoids, also referred to as CBDs, have been popping up almost everywhere.  The companies make claims that seem miraculous, so why aren’t veterinarians handing them out like treats?  Well for starters, it’s still considered illegal to market food products with CBDs in them. Veterinarians also aren’t swayed by marketing tactics,...Read more

The Grain of Truth in Dog Foods

We all want to feed our pets the best food out there but with so many brands to chose from it can be awfully hard to choose. And we have heard clients say they bought their pet’s food because; ‘it’s the most expensive food at the pet store’, they ‘looked...Read more