Are Digital Radiographs Better than Traditional Radiographs?

If you have been a client for many years you may know that we use to only have film radiology available, requiring processing of films before we could view them. This type of radiology can take great images with proper training but it can be more time consuming with the need to develop each film. And if the film comes out poorly then the process has to be repeated. Digital radiographs on the otherhand give a result right away allowing for retakes while your animal is still in the same position.
Digital films also allow us to manipulate the image. Need a close up of the toe? Simply zoom in, no retake necessary. Need the film darker or lighter for contrast? Controls in the computer allow that as well, again with no retakes.
The other advantage to digital films is that they give off less radiation which is better for your pet and out technicians.

Vital Rads

Our radiology system is connected with a company called Vital Rads. This allows us the option to send your pets radiographs to specialists who view and interpret radiographs every day. And these results can be received within an hour. This doesn't mean our veterinarians can't read film but if they see something of concern they have quick access to specialists who can confirm any suspicions.

What Happens When My Pet Comes in For X-rays?

Depending on what we have to take views of and how willing your pet is for the process will help us determine whether your pet may need some minor sedation or not. A happy pup who is more than happy to roll on his back for a belly rub before we take views of his abdomen may not need sedation while a painful dog who may bite or hurt themselves more by struggling may require sedation. Each pet is unique and we try and make the process as stress free as possible while getting the views we need. If only every pet could sit and stay in some funny positions for us!