Our Doctors

Kelley Collins, DVM
James Bianco, VMD

Download the Pet Pro app to have access to your pet's vaccine record, request medication refills and appointments, or contact our facility via text or email at any time. Make sure our office has your email in order to connect with your pet's information (if you're not sure just call us to check).

East Goshen Veterinary Center

We are a privately owned full service veterinary hospital in West Chester that strives to make sure you and your pet receive the best experience everytime you come through our doors. We have two veterinarians who have been practicing for over two decades and whose experience can help diagnose anything from the simple to the complex. We offer appointments six days a week including evening hours two days a week and Saturday morning appointments for those who work 9-5 hours. Our staff prides themselves on getting to know our clients well enough that you often only have to tell us your name and they can fill in your pet's name in a heartbeat!

If you are looking for a new veterinarian in the West Chester area, feel free to explore our new website to get a feel for our doctors and staff. We have information on many areas of interest for pet owners, including some quick links down below to our popular links. If you are a new client please check out our New Client page for a registration form you can print out ahead of an appointment as well as some useful information.

Office Updates

We want to let everyone know that our hours will be altered for several days in August as some of our staff take some wel deserved vacation days. Do not worry, we will still be open for appointments but will cut back some evening hours for a few days. August 2nd we will be open until 5pm with appointments from 9am-3pm. August 4th and and 6th there will only be Telemed or tech appointments and the office will close on the 6th at 5pm. August 9th and 13th the office will close at 5pm. After that we will return to normal hours.
And stay tuned for additional information about additions to our schedule in October! We are hoping to have both an additional day for surgery and dental procedures alongside appointments to help with the growing demand!

Are you going on vacation this summer? Is your pet staying at a boarding facility? Make sure your pet is up to date before you go. And make sure to call early to find a boarding facility, many of them are very booked up already.

Pet Pro App

If you have been a long time client you may know we have used Petly in the past to allow you to email the office for appointments and prescriptions. We have also been made aware of several issues such as receiving vaccine reminders that your pet already received. We listen to our clients here and in early April we will be switching to a new program called Pet Pro that will also give you the free perk of texting back and forth with our office!
You can download the app via a link on this page (above or to the right depending on your viewing media). The only thing to make sure of is that our office has your email address on your account so we can link you to your account. Give our staff a call if you need help.
With this app you will be able to text or email the office, you can schedule appt requests and prescription requests, and pull up your pet's vaccine record. Going to the groomer and need your pets info? You will now have access to it and the ability to text or email your pets vaccine record right from the app.

COVID-19 Update

2021 - We are currently allowing one client with their pet into the office at a time.
When you arrive for an appointment please take the following steps to ensure everyone's safety:

  • Call the office to make sure we are ready to see your pet
  • One member of the family may come in, wearing a mask.
  • Remain in the chair our staff directs you to. Your pet will be taken to the exam room while you wait and the doctor will come to the waiting room to chat with you.
  • Remain seated and our staff will bring your bill to you and take payment while you remain seated.

For those picking up medications or food, please do not enter the building if anyone is currently in the waiting room, we will bring everything outside to you. And please remember to wear your mask.
Thank you to all of our clients who have been understanding and supportive this past year, yikes a whole year! We have taken your suggestions that you have given us to help improve you and your pet's vist during this unusual time.


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