Our Doctors

Kelley Collins, DVM
James Bianco, VMD

East Goshen Veterinary Center

We are a privately owned full service veterinary hospital in West Chester that strives to make sure you and your pet receive the best experience everytime you come through our doors. We have two veterinarians who have been practicing for over two decades and whose experience can help diagnose anything from the simple to the complex. We offer appointments six days a week including evening hours two days a week and Saturday morning appointments for those who work 9-5 hours. Our staff prides themselves on getting to know our clients well enough that you often only have to tell us your name and they can fill in your pet's name in a heartbeat!

If you are looking for a new veterinarian in the West Chester area, feel free to explore our new website to get a feel for our doctors and staff. We have information on many areas of interest for pet owners, including some quick links down below to our popular links. If you are a new client please check out our New Client page for a registration form you can print out ahead of an appointment as well as some useful information.


We were just informed about an outbreak of canine influenza H3N2 strain in New Jersey that has closed the Monmouth County SPCA. While we are not currently worried about any cases walking in our doors we do want to let our clients know about the outbreak. This time of year people are traveling alot and even adopting pets for the holiday which may put pets at a higher risk for contracting this disease.

We also know that after the 2015 outbreak of canine influenza in Chicago several local boarding facilities began requiring vaccination for this disease. So we recommend keeping an ear out for any changes to the places your pet goes for boarding, day care, or grooming.

The symptoms of canine influenza can include coughing, sneezing, nasal or ocular discharge, lethargy, and decreased appetite. Symptoms can last from 5 days to several weeks. And while this particular strain is similar to the avian flu that infects humans, this strain is not zoonotic, your pup can not infect you. For more information click here or here.

We would like to thank everyone who came out with the pups to visit with Santa. Everyone had a fun time and our staff were happy to see so many smiling faces and wagging tails. Check our our Facebook page to see some of the fun we had. Santa said he was so impressed with the pups that he'd love to come back and see everyone next year.

For our current clients you may have recently received text messages mentioning that we can now contact you via text, phone, or email. Emails with a newsletter have also recently been sent out with some updates and news for the office. If you go to the end of that email there will be a link that you can use to adjust your preferences for contacts. Meaning, if you do not want texts or emails you can simply click a few links and remove yourself from the lists.

You may have recently received an email about Petly Pages, and a link yo set up your pet's personal page. This page will allow you to access your pet's vaccine reminders (for grooming appts, boarding, or day care needs) as well as request prescription refills or appointment times. It will also give you access to news articles relating to animal health or seasonal tips. Access to the page is located in our 'Clients' drop down menu.

For anyone who purchases Hill's prescription food from us, please note that our ordering and delivery dates have changed. Our orders are now placed on Friday mornings and our deliveries will come on Mondays.